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This online converter will convert your adsense,chitika, adbrite and any HTML code into XML coding which are compatible with the blogger templates.

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This Adsense Parser / escape Online tool is Very Cool. Instead of Manually parse adsense code you can easily conver any html code to xml format. This tool are very easy and accurately escape tool which are hassle free parse the any html code.

How To Parse Adsense code?

You must parse the adsense ad script or any code you want to insert into your template before pasting it in Blogger template. is a very good tool I use. At the website, you can automatically parse or encode your adsense code, or that of Adbrite, Chitika and any other javascript code. 

When you copy the adsense code from you account, you will have to paste it in the form on the site to parse it or encode it. After pasting your code, XML code will be displayed parsed code on secondary coloum automaticly.

Paste XML the parsed code. If you insert this parsed code into your Blogger template your ads will be displayed.  


Thanks sir! its easy and simple

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